While becoming lost in Costa Rica nearly 10 years ago without GPS and trying to find my hotel, I drove nearly 2.5 hours in the wrong direction and ended up at the northernmost point in Costa Rica. This is also known as the Nicaraguan border.

Making several friends along the way in the presumed corr3ct direction, I drove past the small town of La Cruz and headed down a dirt road to do some exploring. Where I ended up, was Puerto Soley! Simply put… I fell in love with. This would end up being my home and the future site of TICO-X!

Now, after years of dreaming, traveling the world to take in what I believed were the best tours & food I have experienced globally in pursuit of the ultimate tourism experience, I am proud to welcome you to TICO-X Adventures Through the hard work and dedication of family and friends, several mindblowing tales, hard
lessons and true love.. We have all come together as 1 family to bring you the perfect balance of fun, adrenaline, VIP atmosphere, ambiance, flavor and memories to savor for a lifetime!

No matter what you have heard of our tours through the tales of others, we guarantee it’s even better than the stories you have heard!

Thank you so very much for joining us here, we can’t wait to meet you in person and cater to your every need!