Ever wondered what it would be like to be Indiana Jones for a day? Well, the day of realization has finally come!
You have been called to action, you have been called to find the lost gold of the ancient
Chorotega tribe. Far too dangerous to search by daylight, you will travel by moonlight, so as to evade capture…

Get suited up, your team will be picked up from Hotel Dreams in a BMY Military 6X6 5 ton truck and transported to the compound, where you will be debriefed, and depart in smaller more covert 4X4 side by side ATVs equipped with water cannons.

Together you will drive, hike and crawl through the Costa Rican forest, learning all about the wildlife, searching for clues using an ancient map to help you find your way as you embark through your journey.

Whatever you do, don’t panic… we are sure the last crew that went missing in search of the gold will be found alive and well shortly!